Health is NOT about the way you look

Health is NOT about the way you look

Running a business as a personal trainer I’ve needed to use stock images before for advertising my services, it took me all of 5 minutes to get annoyed with this because when you search women’s fitness you’ll find a load of white, slim, not sweaty (or sweaty but in a ‘Has she really just worked out?!’ kind of way) ladies.

Let me start with saying there is NOTHING wrong with this look but wouldn’t it be nice to see some average bodies too, red faces, baggy, old t shirts and joggers and maybe a bit of dribble?! I jest a little of course (but I’ve been known to dribble in a plank once in a while, haven’t you??) and I know we are on the right path to seeing more of this but it does highlight that we are still in this ‘Smaller is better’ mentality and it’s no surprise many of us want to be a size smaller or weigh less to feel good about ourselves.

“If I could be x lbs less…”

“If I could just get to a size x…”

THEN you’ll be happy, right?

Not necessarily.

Having goals is a great idea, they can help to keep you focused, make a plan, feel a sense of achievement etc.. but can I suggest that as well as or even instead of, an aesthetic goal, you ask yourself what you want to FEEL? Do you want to feel more energised, awake, happy, confident?

Then start to track that.

Can I let you into a little secret??

You are allowed to feel happy and confident right now. You don’t have to wait to get that happiness. In fact if you can find a way of enjoying the things you do to lead a healthier life, you will have a much much higher chance of getting everything you want! Make your first step one that you enjoy, like a walk? Get outside and walk, enjoy swimming? Research the gyms with pools, many will be doing deals right now post lockdown. Love the idea of slow, steady moving classes? Join a Pilates or Yoga class.

Looking for something right now? I’ve got a great way of feeding your mental, physical and emotional health with my short online workouts, one to one training and health MOTs. Click here to find out more.

Have a great day!


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