Find out what my clients have to say about their experience with RYB programs


I would definitely recommend Amy’s classes

Although I am generally quite fit I have always struggled to consistently attend any class I have signed up for, generally losing interest after a couple of months! I registered with Amy’s Pilates class as it was local to me and fitted around work commitments. I have been attending classes now for 7 months now, every Tuesday. I really look forward to attending. The sessions provide a great mixture of balance, strengthening, stretching and relaxation! It’s a lovely environment where I feel happy to ask questions and seek clarification on exercises if needed. I feel my general body awareness has improved and the classes have provided a much needed mid-week focus. I would definitely recommend Amy’s classes; she is friendly and knowledgeable and able to tailor exercises to meet different needs and has a firm grasp of anatomy to underpin her guidance. Thank you Amy!

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I love that the classes are all different from each other

Before joining the classes, there was no way anybody would have seen me getting out and about for any kind of exercise at all. I was mocked whenever I had to be outside: all I ever wanted was to stay inside, be in my pyjamas under a duvet and have a nap! I ‘didn’t have time for exercise’ and didn’t see it as a priority at all. Being someone who has always struggled mentally with anxiety and stress, and someone who always throws themselves into work – I realised I needed to do something for myself. Everyone kept telling me that exercise would help me manage things better.

I started by saying that I wanted to give one of the classes a go – I had no idea whether I’d be able to access any of it, or even enjoy it. But I gave myself the goal of at least trying one. Before the first session, I was intimidated – I had no idea what the other people would be like; was convinced they’d all be expert sports people and that I’d be lagging behind everyone. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Everyone was so friendly and inviting, and everyone’s fitness levels varied. 

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The feeling I got after completing just one class was indescribable. I felt so overwhelmed with happiness: I had really achieved something! Both Amy and Tracey are so good at knowing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, so every session is personalised for each individual. They always encourage you to do more and know exactly what to say for you to achieve your best – personally.

love that the classes are all different from each other, and that they change every few weeks. This ensures that they are exciting and constantly provide new challenges. There is always a variety of exercises that people can access at different levels – they are great at showing easier and more difficult ways of working on each exercise. Having spoken to other people who go to the gym or classes, I realise how lucky I am to work with Amy and Tracey because they are so invested in every person individually. They want to know how you find each class; what you struggled with and how they can help; they give you advice on healthy eating and they also just want to know how you are in general – and this is because they care about each person. I have seen myself progress in so many ways over the last 11 months: I can do things which I really struggled with before; I feel stronger and fitter; my body shape has changed; I am happier and more confident. 

I love being in a class environment – I feel I have a new group of friends; the atmosphere is so light and refreshing and the others motivate me to do more. It’s a real ‘community’ feeling. There are also many funny moments, which really cheer me up. It’s crazy how my outlook on exercise has changed as I now absolutely hate the thought of missing a class! The biggest impact these classes have had on me is mentally… it doesn’t matter how stressful a day I’ve had; those 45 minutes give me something else to focus on and I don’t even think about what has stressed me out. After a class, I always feel happy, content – and excited for the next one! Don’t get me wrong; I still love being in my pyjamas under a duvet, but now I know I’ve earned it – which makes it even more enjoyable! This really has been one of the best things I’ve ever started.


I've lost 25lb and 71cms and it's never coming back!!

“Over the last 20+ years I have tried lots of different dieting solutions; Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Lighter Life, the Cambridge Diet, the Paleo Diet and the cabbage soup diet amongst others. I admit that I did start off well losing weight, but soon lost interest and motivation to continue. The weight piled back on again and then some!

I hit rock bottom last year when I realised my head and heart were in a dark place and I was overeating to compensate for the internal struggle; along with battling two injuries which I used as excuse for not being as active as I could have been. I was the heaviest I’d ever been which made me so very sad, dejected, demotivated and locked away in my own misery. I joined a meditation group which started the ball rolling with getting my head straight. I decided to look up local personal trainers to get my body inline with the mind and  found Amy. From the first phone call I just KNEW this was the right path for me to follow. Amy is an amazing inspiration whose light and positivity shine from within and cannot help but affect those around her. She is so dedicated and passionate about the lifestyle you can’t help but want to work with her to feel the way she does!

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The Rock Your Body Right 12 week plan has worked wonders for me – in fact, it has changed my life! Thinking about food and exercise differently has made all the difference to me. I love to record and track how I’m doing and My Fitness Pal and Fitbit are the perfect combination for this. My whole way of life has evolved and I am now able to make sensible decisions about what and how I eat. When and what exercise that I do. I am listening to my body for the first time and adjusting accordingly. This has been the most positive start to my healthy lifestyle and fitness journey and I will be eternally grateful to Amy for getting me started!”


I have bundles more energy and I feel happy being me

“I signed up to RYBR as I was unmotivated, bloated, concerned that my alcohol intake was far higher than it should be and generally feeling unhappy within myself. Task number one was setting myself some realistic goals and I’ve smashed them. I now feel so much more confident in my body, I’ve lost 10.5 inches over the 12 weeks and I’m more toned, stronger, fitter, healthier, have bundles more energy and I feel happy being me. I wanted to be a good role model for my impressionable daughters. They just thought mum being drunk and drinking most nights was normal – this had to stop! They now see me exercising on a very regular basis, eating a healthy balanced diet and enjoying alcohol in moderation. This is the goal that I’m most proud of. Other areas of my life which are so much better are: my time management (I feel in control of my time and can fit so much more into a day), I’m loving cooking again and have quality time with my daughters choosing recipes and cooking with them, my skin and hair feel healthier, I no longer emotionally eat (am I hungry or bored?).

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I’m able to eat out and have a great time with friends and have some treats but still staying in control. I now know that I can have a weekend away and completely over indulge but get right back on it when I get home – I’m in control of me now and it feels great. Amy has helped me gain the confidence to try new forms of exercise, I’m still progressing through the couch to 5km app and I’m loving making better use of my dog walking time. Amy and the RYBR programme have given me the tools to stay fit and healthy and the last twelve weeks have just been the start –Thank you Amy and you special ladies for making it such a wonderful and fulfilling experience.”


I now feel confident and happy about how I look

“My main aim in joining the program was to create structure in both my exercise regime and eating habits.  Amy worked with me to create an exercise regime that was interesting, varied and challenging whilst fitting into my lifestyle and enabling me to meet my fitness goals.  In particular, I became confident with resistance training over the course the of program, which was something I’d been wanting to do for a while, but hadn’t been sure how to approach.  She also helped me understand the importance of working out more often for shorter periods and how to fuel your body before and after exercise.

Macros weren’t something I previously knew about, so I had no idea how little protein I was eating, or how important protein is for the body.  With Amy’s support and encouragement, I now eat high protein meals throughout the day, whereas before my meals were very carb heavy.

I don’t normally take selfies but I took this for my mum, who bought me the dress. In this picture I felt happy and confident with how I looked, it was before a wedding, which is the first I have attended alone, but I didn’t feel out of place and a large part of that was due to the fact I felt confident and happy about how I looked, which often I haven’t in the past.


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Overall, I’ve definitely benefited from the changes brought about by the program and would highly recommend it – Amy is always approachable, helpful, flexible and fantastic to work with!”


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My clothes fit me and my confidence is growing! I'm pleased to say they I have lost just over 14inches (36 cm) all over. I have to say I'm rather pleased with myself. Thanks Amy for all your support


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I've lost 33.5cm!! If you're wanting to make a big and total change finally, and considering RYBR, then I personally couldn't recommend it highly enough.


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My mindset has changed and im continuing on this journey as it's not over yet but with the support of Amy and her programme!


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Since starting the group with Amy 9 weeks ago I feel great,  healthier and happier in myself.  I have more energy than I did before and I actually love going to my sessions twice a week.


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I've learned so much about myself and about a whole new way of eating. I have a whole new mindset now and I am feeling positive that my 40s won't be the yo-yo of emotions and size that my 30s were.


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The Rock Your Body Right 12 week plan has worked wonders for me - in fact, it has changed my life! Thinking about food and exercise differently has made all the difference to me.



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A low impact exercise class to help improve your balance, mobility, strength and mind-set. A perfect addition to your normal exercise or even on its own, Pilates is just as perfect for beginners as it is those with more experience.

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A personalised program specific to you, your abilities and goals. With a focus on resistance training you’ll feel stronger, fitter, more confident and happier!












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