How Rock Your Body Started

Rock Your Body emerged after seeing too many diet plans that just focused on how you look and changing your size. I wanted to focus on how you feel and how you perform in exercise but also in your day to day lives. Being active brings so much more than a change in your body and I like to start by delivering top class training with guidance on eating a healthy diet and helping you build a happy relationship with yourself!

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Hello there!! I think its so important to have a great relationship with your trainer so if you are looking to get fit and happy with me here is some info that you might like to know:

  • I’ve been working as a Personal Trainer since 2009
  • I qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2011
  • I train clients in a one to one setting, small groups, larger groups and online – everyone has their favourite way of getting fit and I love the variety! 
  • I had my baby, Eddie, in October 2018 so took some time off
  • After that I launched my Fit Camp and Pilates classes and now run online programs with live workouts!
  • I live in Newbury, Berkshire and my favourite thing about exercise is how you feel after, I just don’t think you can beat that boost!
  • I strongly believe that if you can find an exercise you enjoy, eat a diet that includes foods you really love and focus on what’s happening right now you will reach your goals and achieve that feeling you want!
  • In the words of one of my clients “You don’t have to be sporty to get fit, it’s for everyone”
I enjoy working closely with my clients and finding out about their lives so I can deliver a better service. If someone is experiencing more stress than is usual for them in their lives, it can massively affect their results, similarly if they have had old or current, ongoing injuries I will adapt the program accordingly.
After qualifying as a sports massage therapist my training developed as I understood the body more fully, its functions, why injuries occur and how to advise on recovery so if you have any concerns about training with your current situation please do get in touch. 


Aches and pains don’t need to be a part of your everyday life! Massage will help release tension, boost your circulation, improve your mobility and help take years of pain away! Pregnancy, C Section Scar and Sports & Remedial Massage available


A low impact exercise class to help improve your balance, mobility, strength and mind-set. A perfect addition to your normal exercise or even on its own, Pilates is just as perfect for beginners as it is those with more experience.

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A personalised program specific to you, your abilities and goals. With a focus on resistance training you’ll feel stronger, fitter, more confident and happier!

What Our customers say

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Since starting the group with Amy 9 weeks ago I feel great,  healthier and happier in myself.  I have more energy than I did before and I actually love going to my sessions twice a week.


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I’ve lost 33.5cm in total all over, over the 12 week programme, and I'm really proud of myself. I need smaller holes on belts and clothes feel so much looser, and I feel like a new woman.



Nutrition is such an important part of reaching your goals but many find that their fitness comes first, getting into a routine with classes and seeing some results then realising the need for a better diet to support this as well as finding some balance with the foods they have previously considered ‘bad’ and ‘good’. 

I believe we should all aim to get to a point where we allow ourselves to enjoy ALL foods, and realise that life moves in waves, as does your diet. Think about it, we eat a healthier diet leading up to a holiday, then on holiday we overindulge, then we feel bad, then we restrict foods and at some point we have a birthday or Christmas and we feel bad again for the overindulging. I will work with you to be kinder to yourselves by being aware of your patterns, by tracking what you eat and when and making small changes over time. Nothing drastic, as this generally doesn’t stick. This could be in the form of using an app like My Fitness Pal, or it could be taking photos of your meals and sharing on our private groups or it could be focusing on one element like getting vegetables in every meal to start. Most of the time just having a trainer/coach there for you means that you feel more supported and able to get that balance. As part of your one to one training you get nutritional advice but if you are looking for help with nutrition outside of one to one training then please get in touch and we can make a plan suitable to you.



We meet either at my garage gym, your house or an open space nearby, I will bring the equipment we need and work with you to reach your goals during our sessions and give you a plan to work with the rest of the time. 

You commit to the training schedule we create together and I’ll be with you the whole time for 1:1 support.


I offer C Section Scar, Pregnancy and Sports and Remedial Massage. For your general aches and pains to recovery after your c section or a relaxing pregnancy massage, I adapt my treatment to your body and feedback and give you clear guidance on what you can do at home to help prevent and recover. Massage can help boost your circulation, improve your mobility, relieve pain, and help lower stress so it’s well worth treating your body!


Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm at Love Lane Village Hall, Donnington. We have a lovely group of mixed abilities and I give options for each exercise so you can choose what works for you. We do a mix of low impact exercises, stretches and mobility moves, sometimes using items like tea towels or belts but mostly just your body weight. We always end the class with some relaxation to help with your mindset and relaxation.














If you want to Rock Your Body and make positive changes to your health