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There are many reasons to invest in a personal trainer, you may be a complete beginner, unsure of what exercise to be doing, when, where and how, a personal trainer can help build your confidence and show you what you are capable of. You may be a regular exerciser but aren’t seeing results anymore and need advice on what you can change to get to where you want to be – I often see people who are doing too much exercise and have to scale it back and focus more on nutrition and lifestyle to get results. You may be wanting to enter an event and need help with a training schedule or you may just want support, company and motivation in your regular workouts so you push harder. There are lots of studies out there that prove you work harder when with a trainer than on your own and a lot of people enjoy training a lot more with company!

Definitely! With my one to one personal training service I offer 100% personalised programs for my clients. These plans take into account your abilities, goals and your personal situation – any injuries, family/work life, your location, current mindset etc and are always adapting and changing as you progress. As a PT client you will get your one to one session as well as home workouts to be completed wherever we agree and nutritional advice. I like to be in regular contact with clients so I ask them to message me when they have completed workouts as well as updates with their nutrition. The most common feedback I get from my one to one clients is that they wouldn’t do it without knowing I was going to see them or ask how they got on. Having someone to hold you accountable to your new healthy lifestyle is the absolute key to getting results. Even as a trainer myself I feel the benefit of having support and would not work as hard if it weren’t for my trainers and coaches! 

No need to worry I have online classes and in person classes that are more affordable if you don’t have the budget for personal training. If you are set on working with me on a one to one basis then please do get in touch as we can work out some agreement with a mix of one to one and home sessions to make sure you get the specific advice and training you need. 

Yes we can give advice but we are not able to write specific plans like a dietitian or nutritionist or make any diagnosis. I like to work with the individual and make small improvements over time. These tend to be things like increasing protein in their diet, drinking more water, sharing photos of meals, tracking macronutrients and helping to adjust the balance in meals. These are all simple things to do but without a nudge in the right direction and someone to hold you accountable, they are often forgotten about or not prioritised.

If you are unsure which plan would give you the best benefit then please contact me, I’d be happy to arrange a chat with you to find out more about your situation and guide you. You can also take a look at my success stories where you may be able to gain some insight by seeing others’ experiences.

Absolutely! It’s so important to stay active when you are pregnant as it can help with your birth and your recovery, as well as your mindset. Whether you were a regular exerciser before you became pregnant or are a complete beginner I can help put a plan together for you as I am qualified in pre and post natal fitness. 

Our classes are for all abilities! A lot of the people who join the classes are beginners and some have injuries so I make sure all exercises can be adapted. You will fill out a medical questionnaire before taking part in any in person classes so if there is any reason that I feel the class wouldn’t work for you, I will let you know and we can discuss other options.

You’re in luck! There are so many great training courses online these days, I would suggest you have a look at google reviews and ask around to see if anyone you know has recommendations. You need to have a real passion for helping others and a desire to learn because there are lots of courses and information out there that you can add on like sports massage, nutrition, life coaching etc..

Featured Classes

Online HIIT

2 x 30 minute classes each week

These high intensity interval classes can be done live or in your own time to fit your schedule as each one is recorded and saved.
Each session is different, targeting your whole body with lower impact options to suit every ability, just 30 minutes will leave you feeling energised!

Online Pilates

2 x 30 minute classes each week

Pilates is a perfect way to Improve your posture, balance, mobility and strength through low impact exercises and stretches. Relax in your home and do the classes when it works for you.

Online Weight Training

2 x 30 minute classes each week

Weight training with dumbbells to suit all levels of fitness. Improve your strength and build your muscles for a leaner, more able body. Each session has a different theme and you’ll be working larger muscle groups mixed with smaller to get the most from your time.

One to one

One to one sessions available at either your home or an outdoor space. Tailored specifically to you with home workouts and nutrition advice.

Small Group Training

If you like the idea of personal training but want to share the cost with friends this is perfect for you!

Sessions can be at your home or an outdoor space and with the kids if convenient for you. Home workouts also included.