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There are many reasons to invest in a personal trainer, you may be a complete beginner, unsure of what exercise to be doing, when, where and how, a personal trainer can help build your confidence and show you what you are capable of. You may be a regular exerciser but aren’t seeing results anymore and need advice on what you can change to get to where you want to be – I often see people who are doing too much exercise and have to scale it back and focus more on nutrition and lifestyle to get results. You may be wanting to enter an event and need help with a training schedule or you may just want support, company and motivation in your regular workouts so you push harder. There are lots of studies out there that prove you work harder when with a trainer than on your own and a lot of people enjoy training a lot more with company!

Definitely! With my one to one personal training service I offer 100% personalised programs for my clients. These plans take into account your abilities, goals and your personal situation – any injuries, family/work life, your location, current mindset etc and are always adapting and changing as you progress. As a PT client you will get your one to one session as well as home workouts to be completed wherever we agree and nutritional advice. I like to be in regular contact with clients so I ask them to message me when they have completed workouts as well as updates with their nutrition. The most common feedback I get from my one to one clients is that they wouldn’t do it without knowing I was going to see them or ask how they got on. Having someone to hold you accountable to your new healthy lifestyle is the absolute key to getting results. Even as a trainer myself I feel the benefit of having support and would not work as hard if it weren’t for my trainers and coaches! 

Absolutely! It’s so important to stay active when you are pregnant as it can help with your birth and your recovery, as well as your mindset. Whether you were a regular exerciser before you became pregnant or are a complete beginner I can help put a plan together for you as I am qualified in pre and post natal fitness. 

It’s not uncommon to feel a bit of soreness after a massage due to the stimulation of the area, a bit like you have done a workout but this should fade after a day or so. Drinking plenty of water following your massage will help.

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. If you cancel within 24 hours you may be charged.

Absolutely not, in fact we discourage any hair removal before a c section massage due to the possibility of ingrown hairs or swelling, And there is no need to remove hair from any part of your body before any type of massage with me

No, you can leave your underwear on and there will be towels to cover you. For some treatments, eg neck/shoulder massage, you will be able to leave your lower garments on but we will always discuss before starting. For C Section massages your clothes will be on and will just be lifted so I can access the scar, If I then need to massage around areas that are tight because of it I will let you know and make sure you are comfortable.

Massage is great to help ease aches and pains but also to help with injury prevention and also to identify areas of tightness that you may have not felt yourself. Massage also releases endorphins and boosts circulation to help heal and relax your body. I believe having a massage regularly will help you connect with your body and adapt any exercise based on what we find, making sure you stay as far away from injury as possible!

You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire and we will discuss your requirements before starting.

Pregnancy Massage: The session will be mostly about relaxation and quiet unless you prefer to chat which we will discuss before hand

Sports and C Section Massage: We will chat throughout so I can get feedback from you about how it feels in order to give you the best treatment in the right areas.

Massage boosts circulation so you may find that your cold worsens after massage and you may want to delay. Please message me to let me know and we can make a plan to continue or re book.