C section scar massage

As well as improving the appearance of your scar, massage can help improve pain, sensitivity and numbness and stimulate changes to scar tissue on the underlying tissue that can cause restrictions elsewhere

Sports and remedial massage

Aches and pains don't need to be a part of your every day life! Massage will help release tension, boost your circulation, improve your mobility and help take years of pain away!

Remedial exercise

One to one Personal Training sessions to help you reach your movement goals. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned exerciser I can build you a workout plan so you move more freely, with less injury and way more energy!


Hi, I’m Amy and the owner of this business! So you know you’re in good hands let me tell you a bit about me before your appointment.

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2009 and went on to gain my Level 5 BTEC diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy in 2012. As time went on I discovered a love for working with women, mums in particular, to help with recovery post partum and realised how important it is for there to be more services available to help women not only learn how to look after themselves but to prepare as best they can and most importantly know who and how to ask for help.

As a massage therapist and PT I’m able to help you build strength in your pelvic floor muscles, core and mobility whilst also showing you what exercise and massage can do for your confidence and generally making life that bit easier!

I’m always happy to answer questions and give advice where I can so please do contact me here.


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“After todays session I can’t believe how much better it feels, I went on a dog walk after you left and I felt lighter while walking and my legs and hip flexors felt good! I’ve had another prod around and the lumpy area feels so much better! Starting to feel less shocked by how my stomach feels, and more accepting. I feel like the massage is helping physically and emotionally”

C Section Massage



We meet either at my garage gym, your house or an open space nearby, I will bring the equipment we need and work with you to reach your goals during our sessions and give you a plan to work with the rest of the time. 

You commit to the training schedule we create together and I’ll be with you the whole time for 1:1 support.


I offer C Section Scar, Pregnancy and Sports and Remedial Massage. For your general aches and pains to recovery after your c section or a relaxing pregnancy massage, I adapt my treatment to your body and feedback and give you clear guidance on what you can do at home to help prevent and recover. Massage can help boost your circulation, improve your mobility, relieve pain, and help lower stress so it’s well worth treating your body!


Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm at Love Lane Village Hall, Donnington. We have a lovely group of mixed abilities and I give options for each exercise so you can choose what works for you. We do a mix of low impact exercises, stretches and mobility moves, sometimes using items like tea towels or belts but mostly just your body weight. We always end the class with some relaxation to help with your mindset and relaxation.


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