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What’s included:

In order to begin your training we will need to take a deep look into your nutrition, your current activity, your mental health and your general lifestyle. 


I will be asking you lots of questions so I can best help you and start writing your plan. I can give you nutritional advice and I will refer you to a great Nutritionist – Taryn Roberts – who will ensure you eat the right foods to fuel your new lifestyle. 

As part of your PT I will be giving you workouts to do at home or at the gym, these will be based on your current schedule and goals, I will always discuss it with you so you know exactly how and why to do them.

One of my main goals is to help you enjoy your workouts and I promise that after a little while and consistency (that I will help with!) you will be more disciplined and motivated than ever. 


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Online classes and personalised training programs to fit in to your schedule at home or the gym to match every goal and lifestyle

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Implement a healthy, sustainable relationship with food that will transform your physique, not a fad diet in sight. 

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On your way to smashing your goals we will help you focus your mind on your achievements and make sure you have fun doing it

What Our customers say

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Since starting the group with Amy 9 weeks ago I feel great,  healthier and happier in myself.  I have more energy than I did before and I actually love going to my sessions twice a week.


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I’ve lost 33.5cm in total all over, over the 12 week programme, and I'm really proud of myself. I need smaller holes on belts and clothes feel so much looser, and I feel like a new woman.



Nutrition is such an important part of reaching your goals but many find that their fitness comes first, getting into a routine with classes and seeing some results then realising the need for a better diet to support this as well as finding some balance with the foods they have previously considered ‘bad’ and ‘good’. 

I believe we should all aim to get to a point where we allow ourselves to enjoy ALL foods, and realise that life moves in waves, as does your diet. Think about it, we eat a healthier diet leading up to a holiday, then on holiday we overindulge, then we feel bad, then we restrict foods and at some point we have a birthday or Christmas and we feel bad again for the overindulging. I will work with you to be kinder to yourselves by being aware of your patterns, by tracking what you eat and when and making small changes over time. Nothing drastic, as this generally doesn’t stick. This could be in the form of using an app like My Fitness Pal, or it could be taking photos of your meals and sharing on our private groups or it could be focusing on one element like getting vegetables in every meal to start. Most of the time just having a trainer/coach there for you means that you feel more supported and able to get that balance. As part of your one to one training you get nutritional advice but if you are looking for help with nutrition outside of one to one training then please get in touch and we can make a plan suitable to you.

Featured Classes

Online HIIT

2 x 30 minute classes each week

These high intensity interval classes can be done live or in your own time to fit your schedule as each one is recorded and saved.
Each session is different, targeting your whole body with lower impact options to suit every ability, just 30 minutes will leave you feeling energised!

Online Pilates

2 x 30 minute classes each week

Pilates is a perfect way to Improve your posture, balance, mobility and strength through low impact exercises and stretches. Relax in your home and do the classes when it works for you.

Online Weight Training

2 x 30 minute classes each week

Weight training with dumbbells to suit all levels of fitness. Improve your strength and build your muscles for a leaner, more able body. Each session has a different theme and you’ll be working larger muscle groups mixed with smaller to get the most from your time.

One to one

One to one sessions available at either your home or an outdoor space. Tailored specifically to you with home workouts and nutrition advice.

Small Group Training

If you like the idea of personal training but want to share the cost with friends this is perfect for you!

Sessions can be at your home or an outdoor space and with the kids if convenient for you. Home workouts also included.

Choose Your PACKAGE

Pick a program that best fits your schedule, budget and goals. 







Online Weight Training






Online combo 3


4 weeks access to all 3 groups




If you want to Rock Your Body and make positive changes to your health